The Solar Designer: What Does He Do?


Solar electricity is where power generation for homes is going. Fossil fuels may last for a long time, but they will ultimately be exhausted. Nuclear power results in radioactive waste; storing this waste is becoming increasingly hazardous. Wind power is clean, but wind turbines are not suitable for residential locations since they need very strong wind with little or no turbulence, both difficult to obtain.

Solar power generation is therefore the green energy strategy of choice for homes.

A residential solar power system consists of arrays of photovoltaic cells attached to the roof of the target home. The specialist technologists who design these systems are the solar designers.

A solar designer has to do the following:

  • Size the photovoltaic arrays so that they fit on the target roof slope (s)
  • Locate the places on the roof where the arrays should be bolted (this is almost always on a rafter, since this will give the sturdiest support)
  • Place the arrays in places where they will not be subject to shadows of trees, buildings and similar adjacent tall objects.

The truth is that there are not that many solar designers walking the streets. Many of the few available are in diverse parts of the globe.

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To learn more about solar power for houses, watch this video: